I got told to get this flasher and it dose not work. did i do something wrong


I got told to get this flasher and it dose not work .. did i do something wrong .. or is it the wrong one .. i have led turn signals

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  • Search ebay for an LED indicator flasher unit theres loads just get what you want order it and boom! I myself dont use LED's for the indicators but i know thats what you need mate, a specific 1 made for LED's

  • Ok thx i put i post on here and that what they told me worked for then and autozone told me it would work if its a 12v system

  • Most guys in electric store are rubbish they dont know nothing

  • I use the ones with grounding wire on it. I get them a the Chrome Shop here.

  • The problem with using conventional flashers with new low current LEDs is, the LED's are so energy efficient that they do not draw enough current to heat the bi-metalic strip in the flasher causing it to flick on and off.

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  • Thx they have to make something for them since most vehicals are going to led

  • A lot of new vehicles with integrated LED systems Use printed circuit boards with 555 timing chips.

  • I was able to make an example of this to my roommate when the camper he bought has the LEDs mounted into the circular printed board under the lens.

  • I found one online