I had my fuel pump replaced a couple of weeks ago and I ve just noticed a high...


I had my fuel pump replaced a couple of weeks ago and I've just noticed a high pitch noise which gets louder. Is this normal?

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  • As was I

  • Lol thanks guys didn't know that

  • Have you checked your oil levels?

    Sounds like it shouldn't be related, but you can get funny noises without enough oil.

  • Yes and no it the fuel pump making the noise some do and some don't

  • Lee Mason you don't own an msx do you? And when are we next in Slough bud

  • Oh and it sounds like the fuel pump is constantly priming

  • Not yet , and I don't know when we back as not heard nothing back yet no dates nothing it never good buster Bradbury

  • Buster would you happen to know if it's safe to ride with the pump priming constantly? Honda are literally ignoring me

  • Can't see it being a giant problem wouldn't recommend it though, take the bike down there and demand it to be sorted

  • Went to Honda today. They reckon it's normal and it's nothing to worry about.

    I'll be going to another dealer to get a second opinion.

    In the meantime I'm going to look at getting an exhaust to hide the noise