I hate Hondas lol


I hate Hondas lol

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  • If you can get that thing back together, you're the man

  • Lol it's really time consuming I'll get it back together again

  • Where are you located? And how much you'll charge to go thro a motor

  • 954 motor

  • Love hate

  • Lincoln County ky

  • Yeap I love it but hate it at the Sam time

  • im from hopkinsville ky

  • i need my motor gone thro. i was told that the timing chain had broke

  • i want to give someone time to do it if i could get it to someone before the end of next month. i would like to have it done by the end of march. looking to put about 1500 to 2000 in her.

  • Changing a filter?

  • Yea something like that lol changing the crank

  • Burn it if you hate hondas they are top quality

  • Hey to you can sell to me the windshield