I have 2 CB 900 Fs, 1981- 1982 plus 2 parts bikes


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  • Both were running when I parked them. as you can see I bought a GoldWing. put 65,000 miles on it in 4 years

  • Black one is 82. Red one is 81 with 82 colors.

  • Hi Jeff, the black one in my profile. Look like your profile picture. And the guy called me and asked me if I wanted to buy it. When I went down. He was bored sanded in down and painted it black.

  • Can you tell me how many miles are on the two running bikes?

  • I believe there both in th 20,000 range. I'm not there right now. But ill check

  • Dean , both bikes have been sitting for about two years.

  • Was there any issue that led to these bikes sitting for so long?

  • No , I bought a Goldwing. I love to travel. Couldn't do it on my 900. Road my GoldWing. For a month, then road My 900 And said wow what a difference. Never looked back

  • I'm very interested. I just have to figure out a 4.5 hour trip each way this weekend. I'll be in touch

  • Ok, sounds good.

  • Let me know so I can get it all together.

  • Are the parts bikes intact, or in boxes?

  • Mostly intact, some boxes, frames are bad. Both have good Parts