• I have a 04 sprit 1100 Brake light only comes on with foot brake Anyone know...

    I have a 04 sprit 1100. Brake light only comes on with foot brake. Anyone know where I should start looking. Ty in advance

    • Have a look up under your brake lever, there should be a switch you can hear activate when using it. May be an issue there

    • Yes u hear the switch clicking when u apply the brake. Guess it's possible it could still be bad though

    • Go to Honda and get a replacement switch. They do break. I get an average of about 3-5 years out of mine then it has to be replaced.. Simple fix, 1 screw holds it in :)

    • Will do thank you

    • The switched get sticky. Try wd40

    • First try bypassing the switch, then Check the wires....follow them all the way...