• I have a 1986 Honda Rebell 250 I am getting a new paint job I want to make it...

    I have a 1986 Honda Rebell 250. I am getting a new paint job. I want to make it look like [a little more like ladies bike.] what about pink. Dont see many of them out their...or purple....What do u think? Be nice!!!

    • My terquoise baby

    • Those are very nice, but I've always thought the white with pink was the best looking bike that no man would be caught dead on, hence perfect for a woman. :-D

    • Haha very true

    • Hot pink and black!!!

    • yes the bikes look very nice. i really like the white and pink. thanks for the great picture. ill put a picture on here when she done.my bike name is dolly

    • I like flat pink. :)

    • Hot pink and black has always made me think of Good & Plenty. lol I have a black one. Makes me feel just a weeeee bit tougher. lol

    • Purple! :)

    • Metal Flake Electric Purple

    • This my baby red #85 250cc