I have a 1998 Firestorm Does that have a 17 litre tank My petrol light came...

I have a 1998 Firestorm. Does that have a 17 litre tank? My petrol light came on after 109 mile. It took 10 litres to fill it. So I work that out at about 50 mile to the gallon! I can live with that! My busa did 30!

  • I cany believe some of the low milages you guys are getting before the light comes on

  • Mines a 98. I ran it to empty when I bought it last week. It cost me just under £20 to fill it. Light came on at 101 miles an cost me £16 to fill back up. Way better than my v8 car. Should have got a bike years ago :-)

  • 75 miles is my best or should that be worst

  • I do ride sensibly now. I had a serious off last August & it has really calmed down!! Bones don't heal that quick or that well at nearly 50 years old. Also, too many friends have been killed on bikes so that keeps me calmer too. Its more about being in the moment than going mad for me.

  • With coaxing you can get 40 mls after the reserve light on a small tank model.

  • Older, Smoother, Faster. Some people don't get that.

  • I ride fast in places ,slower in others have the 19litre tank now on my newer model and get 122 ish when the lights comes on, have ridden it to 132 before refuelling but it is way more expensive than my car as that Mazda6 Sport 2.0 TD (get loads of miles from a full tank,(itro 500 if take my time)lt and took £20 to fill bike this morning did 110 miles out and came home, no flashing fuel symbol yet.. My old VTR was a '98 16 litre and I wouldn't dare pass a garage after 100 miles, 105 at best! I reckon I'd get 140 min out of my nine now as was out at 132 and I still had to ride it to a garage after that. I haven't yet ridden it to see how far it will go before conk out as have been tempted to stick a cpl of litres in my backpack and try it but I'm safe to say I can do 135 miles and then fill up. Old one, 110-115 and wouldn't dare not!!

  • Hi Tracy, as you`ve had both models. Except for the fuel range what`s the difference?

  • Mine is a 98 with the smaller tank. I have run out at 165km's (approx 103 miles) I won't do more than 120km's without refuelling and as for the fuel consumption compared to my car the bike might get 1km per litre more. Lol. My car is a 5.0 litre V8 Holden VS series 3 Statesman though most of you guys wouldn't have a clue what that is being I am in Australia. :)

  • My car is an Audi A4 Tdi and I get 58mpg(uk) but I never use it..: ))