I have a 1998 model and I had a snail trail of coolant coming from the water...

I have a 1998 model and I had a snail trail of coolant coming from the water pump weep hole. I paid the local dealership good money to change the mechanical seal and a few other gaskets. Within 100 miles it started again and I almost want to say it is a little worse, but as I have been getting used to the bike, I have been riding it more aggressively. Should I leave it alone or take it back to the dealership? I noticed the first leak at around 12,000 miles and had the dealership change the mechanical seal at 15,900 miles and it now has 16,800 miles.

  • A lot. The thing is, I read that 98-20xx were bad about this. The Honda Fix was to have a hose hooked up on later models. I just want to know if anyone else has this same issue and for how long?

  • Any time you remove that cover the o-ring gasket should be replaced, crush washer for the weep hole should be replaced hard to believe that they replaced the mechanical seal and didn't recommend bearing and everything to seal it up also the water pump impeller shaft placement into the side cover is very specific as far as how far it gets pressed into the case cover of it's too tight it could have damaged the seal

  • I did mine and just because I was rebuilding the entire engine and I'll tell you unless you're working with a reputable shop/ dealership I would question the methods

  • Appreciated.

  • If I were you just something to try that's cheap and easy, replace the weep hole copper crush washer with a new one tighten till just past snug and see if it leaks

  • I have a issue with leaking coolant somewhere to usually when I ride the bike hard/fast acceleration could be the same issue?