I have a 2000 VT1100C3 Has V N longshots and is jetted I am about to have...


I have a 2000 VT1100C3, Has V&N longshots and is jetted. I am about to have around $1000 to blow on it. What are some good investments? I was thinking a new seat, stock sucks, highway bars, maybe hard bags?What do you like/have? Thanks!

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  • Never had a Corbin, but the Mustang puts me too far forward, I think.

  • Me and curt agree to disagree i think on the mustang. I own many bikes for their respective looks and feels. The design of the aero especially the 99 aero 1100 is made to look like the pre war bikes.. they had forward seats and if you google old pics of harleys and indians that the bike is designed to mimic you will see how well a mustang seat fits that image. I also ride long distances so the mustang gives good support and riding position for that task.

  • Haha, Lance... I do love the old bikes. Excellent style, I think, and then I see someone sitting on them, and the first thing I think... "Put a lower seat on there, and it's perfect." ;)

  • I have the Corbin holliwood sols on my 99 aero 1100 and I love the look and it's more comfortable than it looks.

  • I was eyeing the solo classic, but soooo many options... Too many, almost!

  • Anybody have the corbin stinger? how is that?

  • hypercharger

  • My 750 had a stinger on it when I bought it. I'm 6'4'' 280lbs (all right, calm down ladies) and it's pretty comfortable even without the backrest on.

  • I do not think they make a hypercharger for the 1100 that is not just show.

  • You were right Curt Randa, mustang puts me way to far forward. I just got it and put it on. It was on the bike for about 5 min. Back in the box and back to the drawing board!

  • Dang, sorry to hear that. I'm only 5'7", too. I still haven't pulled the trigger on anything, so if you find something good...