I have a 2017 rancher 4x4 Im stuck between mega meyhems and mudlites want...


I have a 2017 rancher 4x4 Im stuck between mega meyhems and mudlites want something that'll last pull good and still light enough to get wheelies up etc

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  • You can pull a wheelie with a outlaw

  • Mega mayhems are heavy. But mud lites are trash. Outlaw is all I run, they last and are way lighter than a mega mayhems

  • Laws r lighter than mayhems??

  • Yes I had a set of 28 inch laws and a set of 28 mayhems. Outlaws were twice as light.

  • $375 for these mega mayhem.

    27-9-14 and 27-11-14

  • Zillas are the way to go! I've tried out outlaws, terminators,zillas, mudlite etc. and zillas are the lightest tires on the market!

  • From a stop and ride it

  • But still need something to pull and last I ride on the road alot

  • Mason Mayet let me add my mayhems was great in mud but absolutely suck in sand

  • Mason Mayet if you want something for road, mud and sand I absolutely recommend the outlaw radials I have the 28s on my side by side and I absolutely love how the perform I've rode the road almost everyday for the last 3 years and they still look new

  • I got some 27-7.5-14 interforces I'll sell you 150 dollars

  • Don't want interforces thanks tho

  • Mudlites are great

  • Bearclaw radial I love them great all round tire

  • Get 26 zillas had em for 4 months and rode on higways and everything they still have good tread

  • Mega mayhems