I have a 350 rancher problem is head lights not working rear ones are Use a...

I have a 350 rancher problem is head lights not working rear ones are. Use a test light and had fire to all 3 prones.any suggestions?2006 model

  • It's the switch assembly

  • Kevin Mewbourn what u mean? I took off the 2 screws but didn't come apart and didn't know if I put screw driver to separate it if it would break.

  • take the screws out and tap on it a little it should come apart.... or just grab ahold of the upper part and jiggle it back and forth till it comes apart

  • What else do I have to do once it's apart?

  • what do you mean? idk why your taking it off? so how would I know what to do after you get it off??? dont understand what your asking

  • Head light on 350 rancher not working .I have fire to all 3 prones .Kevin Mewbourn said switch assembly.

  • well unless hes tested it, how does he know if it is the switch or not? how do you know if its the switch or not? unplug the switch and test for continuity on the plug in in the different positions....... also, check the wiring from the other end of the plug to the head lights.... as I said you may have a short in there somewhere....

  • Yeah. It will come apart. At that point you can see the toggle inside where it rises across the contacts

  • all im saying is he can say its one thing and another guy can say its something else but how do any of us know what it really is if were not there looking at it..... what we can do is tell all of what it could be, and you have to test everything

  • Thanks I'll try that tomorrow.