I have a 85 rebel 250 that i am rebuilding for my wife going to be her first...

I have a 85 rebel 250 that i am rebuilding for my wife..going to be her first bike..whats the top speed on these? Will the lil feller be able to ride 70-75? Or do i need to change the sprockets?

  • Sprocket change won't change anything. 70 mph isn't a problem. 75 mph consistently? depends on her girth.

  • So 130-140# rider should be able to run on interstate for short periods?

  • I am 140lbs and I can run 75 mph if I want to. It can do it just fine but don't do it much. I would rather go 55 on the back roads and enjoy the ride

  • I have Nighthawk 250 and 180ish. 75mph isn't a problem.

  • No problem at all. Im 200lbs. I get to 75 no problem. And can keep it there

  • Thanks guys, just didnt wanna rebuild it and she not be able to ride on the interstate some....but i do have a cb750 inline four that could go on there if she want more..lol

  • Well at the risk of being the fat guy on the little bike, I'm about 300 and run 75 pretty easy unless I'm going up hill