I have a confession I am no longer in possession of a Honda CB CL450 I hope...


I have a confession. I am no longer in possession of a Honda CB/CL450. I hope that this condition is only temporary, but after a minor mishap (and a little bit of fire) I was faced with a choice; take several huge steps back, and start rebuilding, or take the insurance money and run.

I took the money, and I'm now the owner of a much newer (and much more Italian) air-colled twin.

One day, when the kids are a bit older and I have the time, if Cliff & Glenn haven't already bought them all, I'll find a CL450 in need of some love. For now, I'll continue to lurk here and keep an eye on all your fantastic 450 builds.

Bonus: check out this beast of a CB tracker: http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/09/05/rusty-quat troemmezzo-honda-cb450-anvil-motociclette.html

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  • Do you want me to delete you now or in a weeks time?


  • Do we get to see the "much newer Italian air cooled twin?

  • As long as I won't get kicked off for posting non Honda, non CB, non Japanese non 40+ year old bikes?

    She's a 2013 Guzzi V7 Stone. She's my rebound-girl and helping me thru a very difficult loss.

  • Nice! I've only ever seen the one with the #7 plate on the back.

    Try not to set in on fire. lol

  • That's too bad, but you gotta do what works for you. Things will be a little less exciting here now ;)

  • I will attempt to excite you John

  • That's a nice lookin' bike. Looks like you've got yourself covered if things become a little 'heated'. ;)

  • Lol, can't wait!

  • I've learned you can never be too careful!

  • Those are great bikes, my girl just got a 2015

  • Brendan Marett Oh those are sexy! I'm considering getting one for around town to replace my twin (a newer CB450 than this group is for). Also considering the Duke 390, which is also awesomely nimble around town.

    I think you made a good choice!