• I have a couple different odyssey I m working on for my boys my question is how...

    I have a couple different odyssey I'm working on for my boys my question is how do I tell the difference between 12 volt and 6 system One has 2 wire coming out from stator other has 4

    • The one with 2 wires is a 6 volt system ('77-'79). The stator has points and there will be a condenser attached to the coil. The 4 wires ('81-'84) is a more modern cdi system and is a 12 volt system. No points on the stator. The 1980 model had 3 wires and had points but was a 12 volt system. Check Oddatv for a free repair manual

    • Thanx for the wisdom that is a lot more cut and dry than the manual do you have an odyssey

    • Are the stator interchangeable thru the years with the other matched components

    • He's totally right 2 for 6 volt 4 for 12 those manuals are a pain

    • I have a total of 8 fl250's, most running but a few being restored. The stators themselves are not interchangeable unless you replace the flywheel as well. Furthermore the ignition coils are different and not compatible with opposing systems. The 12 volt system uses different igniter and lighting coils on the stator that cannot be used on a points style system. The wiring harness is also different. The cdi systems are nice but the old points style are also very reliable.

    • '77-'80 stators can be interchanged. Putting an '80 stator on it (3 wires of stator) will convert it to a points but 12 volt system. '77-'80 stators cannot be put on a '81-'84 and vice verse unless all the rest of the ignition components are switched as well.