I have a couple projects about to begin on my 03 Spirit First is a chain and...


I have a couple projects about to begin on my 03 Spirit. First is a chain and sprocket upgrade. Going from a 42T to a 38T rear sprocket should help lower the rpm range just a bit on the freeway. This may or may not throw the mph off. (?)

Next is a jet upgrade along with a K&N (or similar) in the factory air box. This should give the bike a little more "umph" since the smaller rear sprocket will actually be slower on take off....not that I'm drag racing anyway. The mpg as of now is around 38 as I am running factory pipes with baffles cut out. The mileage may or may not change. Either way, this is an upgrade worth having!

%d comments
  • The gear change will not throw off your speedo as it reads off of your front tire. If you change your front tire size, that will throw off your speedo.

  • Was thinking that after my post.... Thanx Robert!

  • what did u get for mileage before you took your baffles out?

  • Around 42 to 48 mpg or so depending on the quality of fuel (watered down) and type of driving. Use to get anywhere between 125 and 145 miles before going to reserve.