I have a fair idea what this might be but wanted to run it past you all to be...

I have a fair idea what this might be but wanted to run it past you all to be 100 %. Had to fix the tail light today cause of rough handling broke the clip where the tail light screws up to. All went well. I unscrewed the lights from the sockets and took them out of the sockets just to check them.....when I plugged them back in and turned on the ignition to check all was great to go I only had one tail light but both brake lights. Took them out again And plugged them both in again then both wee gone, but still had brakes lights. Went to turn the engine on and it turns but doesn't start. Now I have charged the battery and have tried to start it again and it continues to turn over but now lights are flickering as it turns. Is this a dreaded rectifier issue?

  • Inbox me if you get stuck, will be around.

  • Thanks mate. You riding this weekend?

  • Probably not, showers forecast for the weekend. My bike's like an old lady, she doesn't get wet anymore. ;)

  • Lol.

  • Just had a thought John and the only reason i ask is that i have done it a few times. You haven't bumped the kill switch on the right side handle bar have your?

  • you?

  • I did think hat but checked thy before I posted. Man if that was the problem I would have to cancel my licence and buy a push bike....haha. I am meant o be riding Sunday but need to sort this problem out first. I have no tail lights and can't start the bike.

  • Lol, had to ask. Will sort it tomorrow. ;)

  • if you can take apart the actual fitting for the bulbs clean and a dab of grease keeps the moisture out clean them with some brake cleaner and check the coil on your rear cylinder as you may have unplugged it or crushed the cable whilst playing with the brake lights i did once and it stopped it starting if that fails check your starter relay on the side is it corroded fuse ok clean it up and grease it to keep the weather off your bike should show 13 volts when not running and 14 or over when it is at 3000 rpm if you need help inbox me and il respond asap these bikes r getting old so they can be tempremental lol

  • Ok have been working on the bike since 6:30 this morning and now have it running. Not sure what it was but dirty terminals could have been the issue, however I still have no tail lights but have both brake lights. This only stated happening once I removed the globes. They were working prior. Have checked wiring and terminals. Checked globes. Any ideas? Thanks