• I have a plan

    I have a plan.

    Some of you may know about my motorcycle charity called Good Deed Garage. If you don't then get on Facebook and like it for *$%# sake. Basically I get an old bike and do it up nice and then raffle it off with all money going to a charity. I do this once a year and I am finishing a bike at the moment for 2016.

    And I am moving house and carting a whole lot of CB450 to the next house. I am building myself an intentionally insulting CB450 strange framed thing to piss off the purists. And I have enough to build another CB450 ...

    ... so next year you are all going to hear all about the Good Deed Garage CL450 charity bike build. I am going to donate most of a CB450 to kick off the project.

    My initial concept is to build a scrambler using what I have. I want to do the frame in a Toyota FJ Cruiser retro blue, fit the sticker bombed tank I have already, add a brown bolt on tracker seat, fit up gold Excel rims and maybe also fit up a Honda CRF250 USD front end. Stock rebuilt engine and classic CL450 pipes to finish it off.

    So why bother you fellow CB/CL450 idiots?

    Because you might want to help out and this might be a charity project for the global members of this page.

    Initial thoughts are to raffle the bike off in late 2017 with all proceeds going to Melbourne City Mission - a homelessness support service.

    Thoughts folks???

    • What better bloke is there to do a 450 :-)

    • Plenty!

    • Brilliant!

    • Sounds excellent.

    • That's awesome.

    • Like

    • You almost got me, untill you pissed me of

    • Success!

    • Look forward to seeing what you do Cliff. Great idea.