I have a question. I took my 12 Aero out today for its first rip of the year


I have a question...I took my '12 Aero out today for its first rip of the year!! When I stopped to take this photo and went back to start the bike it was a little hard to start and the trip meters (both) and time reset to ZERO's!!! Has this ever happened to anyone else...should I be concerned?? Once it started it ran GREAT once again!!!

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  • I have the Fi2000.

  • Been shopping for one just changed pipes and hyper charger is in the mail

  • Battery....get a new one quick.

  • Check the battery connections are not loose from vibrations. I had this on another Honda, it was sporadic. Looked at the securing bolts on battery and there it was! Look earlier than later because once the securing nut vibrates out, you are a little bit stuffed. Careful not to short the +ve against the frame with the wrench!

  • Its a catastrophic failure, and the only remedy is to upgrade to an 1100. Yes, yes, it is that serious.

  • LOL...I was looking at a 2009 VTX 1300 last week...but I love my little 750...it ain't fast, could use some more power...BUT it is SOOOO comfortable to ride...and when I do upgrade I am going to go BIG!!! I wish Honda still made a BIG V-twin cruiser!!

  • Batteries only last a few years

  • So every time you disconnect the battery you have to reset your time, my 08 750 aero don't work that way

  • the bat wing looks good on that.

  • Victoria I can attest that some can last many years (well on a daily rider, I love southern California) I had the battery on my '03 Z1000 last 8 years without issues (well till I laid it down in the freeway and it still waits for me to fix it)