• I have a question In one of my groups someone was talking about using car...

    I have a question. In one of my groups someone was talking about using car tires on their bikes. They said there is a web site that gives the conversion for the tire sizes. Does anyone here know anything about it? The bike has home made trike kit. It has 6 bolts that hold it on. Bike still uses back tire.

    • Don't do it, it's just to save money , not worth your safety

    • It will also cause your bike to corner horible

    • Bike has a trike kit on it. It doesn't lean in curves

    • It's not a bike then it's a trike you should have said that in the first place, most trikes do run car tires

    • It is a home made kit it bolts on and off with 6 bolts. Can take bolt off and ride as 2 wheels or add kit

    • I think you did say it was a trike from the start. Car tires on the rear set up is ok, because it doesn't lean. But still use a motorcycle tire on the front. Because even tho the bike doesn't lean, the forks aren't straight, therefore the front tire naturally leans a little bit. A car tire on the front would cause loss of contact with the road during turning. Be safe Tracy

    • Hope this is what your looking for...

      http://darkside.nwff.info/?p=t ires

    • Wish somebody would help make one for my bike

    • eww that's gross, what are you handi-capped?

    • No need to be rude, I have a lot of leather neck vets who are handicapped and still ride. Car tire vs bike tire yes you can do it, understand if the car tire pops is gonna be bad,it will destroy your fender, turning something harmless to severe. Bike tires are meant to go flat ensuring you more control to get off to the side of the road

    • Homemade training wheels...