• I have a question in regards to the groms Air Temp censor

    I have a question in regards to the groms Air /Temp censor.

    I know it plugs into the stock air box, does anyone have a wiring guide / pic that shows where the airtemp Sensor runs from the airbox to ?


    • There's a link to a full size diagram in my thread on the finbro page

    • yeah cause i was looking at the grom before, cant figure out where i moved the IAT censor / plug too or if ive removed it completely. i just want this bike to work. ive had numerous mechanically minded people check out this 183cc engine and it still just idles like a bitch and randomly dies.

      infuriating for something so expensive, its going to get dynoed and tuned at the shop next week so the onus is on them to not fuck it up now.

    • In the end with stock (modified) air box I put the air screw all the way in and adjusted the idle just using the throttle stop to about 1500, it was sweet once warm.

      I would say continue my thread on manually activating the auto choke for cold starts and you might get it running 'just right'.

    • Also it really is a learning ECU.

      Try this... Set air screw fully in, do whatever you can with the idle so it doesn't stall. Go riding at least 10km, then while it's warm adjust the idle to about 1500. Then ride another 10km.

      Should then be about there... At least, worked for me with stock air box.

    • didnt even know the grom had an auto choke

    • Stock throttle body does. Or a cold enriching circuit or whatever. There are two plugs in the throttle body one is the cold start and one is the position sensor. I think that if you take the yellow one coming out the cold start and earth it you'll have cold start back. See the finbro page thread for more.

      This is on European and USA models, don't think they have that on Thai models.

    • also the 183 dude said no less then 1.2 on the air intake screw, ive played around with various 0.25 to 2.0 rotations out etc etc. im using all the supplied 183c kit, upgraded throttle body, injectors, adapters wiring harness, ecu.

      aus has the thai model MSX,

    • Ok, then I'm lost. I used stock tb and air box from the euro model and the magic number was zero turns.

      But you really do need to go ride it after changing settings.

    • Aaron Mortimer ive done over 800km with this 183cc kit.

      its constantly fucking around, idles fine for awhile then has a spastic attack and runs wayyy rich again.

      hence why ive just had enough of the fucking thing and booked it for a pro dyno tune etc. They want the stock ECU aswell for comparison since im the only ONE in aus who apprently has a grom thats modded cause they are so new.

    • You cant just throw a kit on it and ride. Sounds like you are playing a guessing game that will end up in a blown up engine.

    • Jason Wolf i didn't just throw the kit on and ride.

      installed kit, set the correct A/F ratio etc. about 100km later it went crazy and ever since its just not settling down correctly. every ride i have to adjust it again and it settls down then goes crazy again. hence why its booked in at the shop for a proper inspection / dyno etc

    • Have you done obvious stuff like check your work? Could be leaking air in by the symptoms you describe. Maybe one of the following is compromised or not tightened correctly? Inlet or throttle manifold seals, air filter to throttle, injector seal, head gasket? The most suspect looking part for me could be the longer injector. The spacers for it don't look like precision parts.

    • The thick fuel hose could also introduce a problem. I found it tricky to route it such that it didn't put pressure on the injector itself. This in combination with those long spacers could allow an air leak. I reckon it would be possible to shorten the hose and use a small jubilee clip to reattach it to the end fitting.