I have a VT 750 Shadow spirit. Thinking of going to a 17 38 chain and sprocket

I have a VT 750 Shadow spirit. Thinking of going to a 17-38 chain and sprocket. I have a 17-42 on it now. Anyone done this and is it good or a bad ideal. Just looking for less rpm when cruising but worried about the take off would it be to high geared. Thanks

  • It's awesome. You can "stretch" the gears between shifts better. Lower rpm's at highway speeds also. Depending on your riding style, you may notice a change for the good in mpg's also

  • Thanks I'm going to do it. My chain and sprockets need replaced.

  • I heard that a 42 to a 38 is to much on the motor

  • I put a 39 on

    Mine worked great

  • What size is your motor

  • 750

  • I have a 600 that's probably why

  • I started with a 17/39, which helped quite a bit, but changed to 17/38 this last time. I'm now shifting into 4th gear at 40-45 mph, and into 5th at 60! Not much difference at take off, even from stock. I highly recommend doing it!

  • That's weird because I have a stock front sprocket and a 38 rear and at 75 I'm shifting into 5th. And that's barely getting on it

  • I have a 93 600 and I only have 4 gears I wish I had a 5speed I took it to the shop and they told me it's cruiser I don't get that don't you have a 5gears for it to be a cruiser

  • I swapped out the stock 42 to 38, and it made a huge difference on the highway. I gave up some speed out of the hole, but it was worth it to not be looking for 6th gear on the highway all the time.