• I have about a 2000 or lil bit older model honda 350 rancher It died...

    I have about a 2000 or lil bit older model honda 350 rancher. It died underwater and I changed the oil and it still smokes. What is causing this?

    • Blown piston rings.

    • You have to clean the crank case good bro it's going to smoke the ring everytime if you don't clean inside the crank case, in some cases you can just flush with desiel others desiel will not flush out every thing and need to pull crank case covers off and manually wash it out

    • Bout how much to change them and is it hard?

    • Change rings

    • Alright

    • Once you get water in it and change the rings it'll just go back to smoking once you get trash and water in it you either need to split the case and clean it or buy a new one if you want a motor with NO water or trash in it

    • Rings just rebuilt mine prolly have to have it bored over if it's never had any engine work or anything to done to it service limits is .10 thousandths anything over that the rings will not hold call your local dealer and that can give you the specs

    • You have to replace the oil cooler too. Little bits of grit will get stuck in it and over time get back in the case and then eat up the rings again. You'll never flush it enough to get everything out

    • Likely bent connecting rod. Ranchers 350s are notorious for this.