I have all the parts ready to start my 450 rebuild wheel rims fenders and new...


I have all the parts ready to start my 450 rebuild, wheel rims fenders and new original exhausts, but I have decided to keep it on the road for the summer before I start.

The only issue I have is that when you are changing up a gear and put the power on, I get what feels like a vibration, it is momentary but is there. Anybody have a suggesting what it could be? It 1974 with 16 k on it. Picture shows bike before I fitted new air filters...

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  • It's the engine.

  • Could be slack in the chain

  • Adjust the drive chain and may as well adjust the timing chain.

  • Also might want to take a look at the axle bearing and tighten them up

  • Are you certain it is a vibration. And not an acceleration/hesitation that may seem like a vibration

  • No its definitely a roughness, just as I power up. i will check the wheel bearings etc this weekend, also it has been sitting a while before I got it and the drive chain needed a good oiling. Nothing much in the oil filter, I will put some miles on it and see how it goes... I guess one of the main problems is that my ST is so so smooth, any bike except the Valkyrie is not as smooth...

  • True. Also if there is a engine slop a thicker oil will help

  • I run Royal Purple 10 W40 weight synthetic...

  • Sounds like drive chain slack.

  • I have not really given it to close of inspection apart from lube, its got 16 K and I am sure they are on their last legs. I am worried I take it apart and don't get it back riding this year, I have my Valk to finish and now these 4 others I picked up...Apart from that vibe it runs great..

  • ... chain is easy to adjust. Should take about 5 minutes to inspect and take out slack.

  • Not sure if that is good or not. But this is what has been in my motor for 43 years

  • Specifically designed for these types of motors

  • That was my thought, drive chain. Mine lets me know it's time t adjust with little shudders like you say.

  • I have used royal purple for motorcycles for years here in the USA. In the 70's it was Castrol GTX...And if it was a two strike Castrol R...Sweet smelling heaven! Royal is expensive but my Valk di 89 k on it and the ST over 50 k, and I am worth it!

  • I guess I am getting old...Too many years of shaft driven bikes. Thank you all for the help, I will let you know this weekend.