I have an 07 750 spirit seems like my headlight is very dim at night any...


I have an 07 750 spirit, seems like my headlight is very dim at night, any suggestions on fixing this?

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  • they sell the lube for the bulb in little packets at the counter

  • yep, just like for a car

  • yep

  • most people know about that bit, but JUST in case , ya never know who may not......

  • thanks again

  • I put a Sylvania Ultrastar in mine... Much brighter with wider path.

  • Is the ultra better than the silver then?

  • Never touch the bulb it's self the oil from your hands will cause the bulb to fail prematurely

  • I put the Silverstar on my 1100 Spirit, much better but I added the Kuryakyn 5019 engine guard mount lights, wow, big improvement

  • I just run with the brights on ;)