I have an 07 rancher 420 and it lightly smokes when I rev it or it I m going...


I have an 07 rancher 420 and it lightly smokes when I rev it or it I'm going and I let off its not like terrible but you can definitely see it does anyone know what's happening it doesn't smell like oil I know that

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  • Dam sounds expensive

  • not bad... seals are only like $10.... but you have to take head off.... it can be done without head removal..... but its best to take head of and lap valves and clean up the carbon while your in there

  • Valves seals will cause it to smoke on start up because it has built up over the time is sitting it normally don't leak down fast enough for u to notice it while riding

  • Yea like while I'm rodomg I never notice it but it its in neutral and I rev it you can see it for sure

  • If it was valve seals it would smoke for the 1st few min the bike is running then when it warms up it will stop.....I could be wrong but I doubt it

  • I don't know then cause it always does it could it be something with the injectors

  • well yes valve seals useualy can make it smoke on start up a little untill warmed up... but they can also make it smoke when running especially like he said, at high revs, or when letting off of the gas.... when letting off of the gas, there becomes a vacuum inthe engine and it will suck down on the valves and as they open if its a leaky valve seal it will suck the oil in past it..... its much more tchnical than taht,,, but thats the best I can explain it...... it could also be a head gasket

  • Alright thanks man

  • Ok bank on seals....its near impossible to blow a head gasket on a honda

  • Its cold outside