I have an 86 rebel 450 and I m about to change the oil I m assuming the oil...

I have an 86 rebel 450, and I'm about to change the oil. I'm assuming the oil filter is in the bottom of the oil pan and that's what that other cover is for?

  • Yes it's under the cover on the bottom.

  • Ok thanks! I just wanted to make sure. Am I gonna need a gasket?

  • If I remember right it comes with the filter. If not yes on gasket and washer.

  • Pay attention to how it comes out. Many people put it back in wrong. It will not hurt the motor. It will allow the oil to flow around the filter instead of through the filter.

  • My question is does an 2006 Honda rebel 250 have an oil filter? No were in the manual does it mention one or have I seen a place to change it similar to this 450.

    Thank you

  • No it does not. that's why you change your oil every 1000 miles. It does how ever have a screen that you clean every 4,000 miles behind the right clutch cover.

  • I only clean the screen when I go into the clutch. But that's me. I've never found enough trash in there to justify cleaning every 4,000 miles.But again that is just me.

  • David Lee Watkins I looked around and couldn't find anything regarding a oil filter but thank you for the confirmation. I do gotta say this is the first I have heard of changing the oil every 1000 miles guess it's about time to change again then lol. Gotta say I love how easy these bike are to maintain and fix