i have never had the honor of serving in the military but am a big time fan and...


i have never had the honor of serving in the military, but am a big time fan and have huge respect of the WWII aircraft art...would it be considered Stolen Valor or disrespectful if i had bomber art painted on my tank?

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  • I think that would be a great idea, lookin forward to photos Brian.

  • Honor....completely and I'm a retired Air Force guy and my grandfather flew in WW2.

  • Stolen valor is dressing up or impersonating military personnel. As long as you're not trying to impersonate one of us, putting a military themed pin-up girl on your bike would be perfectly fine, and a great way to show your support.

  • Just as long as you don't claim it to be the Memphis Belle ;)

  • I deleted the comment. I won't allow bickering on this group page. We have members from all over the world, I'm sure we have conflicting opinions, but this isn't the page for them. - admin

  • I'm sorry. I don't take kindly to people referring to me as a baby killer when I have a 6 month old son and never harmed a child during my time in service.

  • Jake I thank you for your service from the bottom of my heart. I myself never served, but I am a proud American and a father also.

  • I joined this group to share my enjoyment of motorcycles. Not get treated like a dirt bag for a previous employment choice. I apologize for over reacting, however if it continues, I'll be seperating myself from the group.

  • The page was created for the love of motorcycles. The other admins and myself try to keep the political and other poisonous comments under control, but we can only moderate as fast as the page updates. I deleted the conversation so it didn't continue and disrespect wasn't continued.

  • A badge of honor.... I'm sure you will wear it well. Lest we forget

  • Well said my friend, I was taken aback by that comment, thank you for deleting it. ;-)

  • Thank you for the positive feed back Dave Mc Guinness

  • I am former military, but I take things like that as a show of respect/tribute.

  • I never dropped into a war zone, but am still proud of my service. I will always stand up for my brothers in arms, to the death, if need be. Unfortunately, there are those that have never served, but have the audacity to attack those that have served. Obviously, there are plenty that support those that have served, but there are a few ignorant ones.

  • I never meant to get anything started, people have risked their lives for our country, some paying the ultimate sacrifice, but all paying something, I will paint my bike myself now, and not copy anything from any one of those brave soldiers planes, but rather a tribute to all of them

  • It will be my honor

  • Brian, I don't think you started anything, or at least not intentionally. You were asking a question, and trying to be respectful of those that served. Though you didn't serve, you are the kind of person that military personnel have great appreciation for. Those who support the ones that served, in a very respectful way.

  • You didn't start anything Brian, you asked an honest question and opinion, that's one of the reasons for this group, to ask advice. Another individual took it out of context and shared an opinion that should have never been shared. You paint you're bike the way you in vision it and please share. We have many servicemen and women that would love and appreciate it. -admin