I have problem im my 2007 spirit 1100 cc

I have problem im my 2007 spirit 1100 cc

From the right side of the bike it’s very hot under the seat

Anyone have solution for that ?

  • Oil cooler (?)

  • Cool down every time you feel overheated and remember we are in summertime and of course it feels a lot hotter ...

  • How about a foil bubble wrap insulation under the seat. Find something that won't melt...

  • I have the same bike and never have any heat like that which you have described...........the pipes only feel hot if you touch them with your ankle or heel

  • I read about the oil filter cooler a lot but it seems to me not effective and will not fix my problem

    I can’t feel the heat in high way but if there is traffic jam it becomes very hot

    I don’t feel the heat from my pipes

    I searched the internet and found that problem in most Harley motorbike

    And the suggested solution is

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html ?_nkw=harley+heat+deflector

  • First its a Honda, is your cooling fan working???

  • yes working very well

  • The bike is still running, so I doubt its nothing more than radiated heat from the road finding your aSs while your not moving!

  • but its from one side

  • New DPR-7EA (NGK)plugs (?)