• I have seen alot of 2004 Shadow aeros on here I myself have a 2004 Is that a...

    I have seen alot of 2004 Shadow aeros on here. I myself have a 2004. Is that a popular year for them or what?

    • 1st year for the 750

    • I guess a lot where sold and they lasted really well. Mine is an 04 and so far no problems at all , but I only have 44000 miles on it so the jury is still out .

    • I only have 14000 on my 04

    • 30,000 on my 04! Running great!!

    • I have 22,000 on my 04

    • My 04 is running great at 36,000 miles.

    • It really seams like getting a 04 was a good choice for a bike to have for a while

    • I don't think there was any changes from '04 through to about '09 or '10 when it went from carbed to EFI . Everything but the handlebars and exhaust look the same on them.