I have seen people having their fireblade in the living room As i can not have...


I have seen people having their fireblade in the living room. As i can not have that i collect my machines in 1:18 or in this case 1:6 for the book shelf

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  • I cant keep mine inside anywhere either.

  • I just have it in the garage

  • Yeah me to. I tried putting one of the bikes in my living room but whole hoyse smelled like gas and i didnt have enough room

  • pillion cat looks ready to hit the road

  • Yes he is wanting it for himself :)

  • Love the kitty photobomb LOL

  • He does that all the time

  • I cant have mine in my place as its a 4x4 track up my driveway so i keep it in mums living room

  • And she allows it?? You must have a super mom

  • Chandelier and fireblades...lol

  • Yeah she is cool lol

    I have to put on the rear seat and take mum out for coffee on it every few weeks lol

  • not a blade but close enough :)

  • What is the can in the corner for? Is that illegal plants i see? ;)

  • Paul Freeman scorpian can and no not weed thats upstairs its a chilli plant and dracaenia behind cactus in corner :)

  • Whats a scorpian can?

  • upstairs lol

  • Paul Freeman its a exhaust pipe :)

  • I meant the grey and black on the floor in left corner

  • ahh that is my external filter for my 6/2/2 fish tank

  • I see

  • Have two in our second living room..

  • I like to keep mine inside