I just bought a used 2009 Rebel yesterday I am a brand new rider and still...

I just bought a used 2009 Rebel yesterday. I am a brand new rider and still trying to learn the idea of shifting. I hope I can grasp the concept if not I will get a automatic bike in the future.

  • Watch youtube videos as well. There is lots of good info. Get rolling at decent speed, release throttle, pull clutch, kick up, slowly release clutch, and then throttle again :) Say the steps out loud as you go, if it takes you 10 second to shift into 2nd no big deal. Just speed up as your comfortable.

  • Captaincrash has some great videos.

  • Rekluse clutch if you can't get the clutch lever to go your way. I'm disabled and have it in my trike and it work's great once you figure out the RMP's.

  • I am already licensed here and just completed the safety course it's the beginners blues

  • You can get a ridley at route66ridley, they are automatic. Here's mine

  • Just remember one thing.... Shiny side up!

  • That's nice

  • You need to get with one of your friends that is an experienced rider and get him to show you and explain the shift pattern and How to shift. He needs to explaine to you how the shift lever operates and what you have to do to operate it properly.

  • Also get someone to teach you how to downshift using the clutch and the throttle in conjunction with the shift lever so that bike does not jerk as you down shift. Down shifting from gear to gear while you are still moving to get into low gear, is easier than trying to put it in low gear after bike has already come to a stop. At stop signs and traffic lights, if bike is already in low gear, you are ready to go when light turns green, and that is important in traffic.

  • take it for a ride. Go to little back roads and practice, practice. Take your time and have patience. Get the basics down before going to busy roads.

  • If you already have a license get that bish out and ride.

  • You don't need an automatic it takes the fun out of riding. Like Wayne R Schroeder said just find a lot and practice shifting through the gears both up and down.