• I just took delivery eBay of a pair of knuckle visors for my CBF New with...

    I just took delivery (eBay) of a pair of knuckle visors for my CBF. New with tape intact, however, washers and instructions were not included. Not a problem. I'll get some washers and installation seems fairly simple. Any info on installation or washer size would be much appreciated.

    • Are these just for the MK1?

    • First off, yes they are only for the mk 1. Secondly, I don't remember needing washers when I fitted them to Norma's bike. But maybe it's old age

    • Anytime I've seen a photo of these at an online retail site, they show washers (spacers) included.

    • Mine didnt come with any and as they go under the mirrors, not sure what use they'd be.

    • Those are spacers to ensure the mirrors are mounted solidly to the fairing. If they were simply "pinching" the rubber knuckle visors, the mirrors would rock/vibrate like mad. Hope that makes sense.

    • That's what I was thinking, to give the mirror a solid base.

    • Here are the fitting instructions.

    • These are the washers and they are 13mm wide 3mm thick and the hole is 7mm.

    • Oh yes, I remember now. I did have them.

    • Thanks a lot, Tony. I really appreciate this.

    • Thanks

    • Perfect. Thanks again.