I know I ve jumped the gun a little in joining this group but I m going for a...


I know I've jumped the gun a little in joining this group but I'm going for a test ride of the MSX on Saturday and can't wait. The only thing that will put me off buying it is a bad test ride but by the sounds of it, this bike is just too much fun.

What's the target price to pay new on these bikes, will the dealer go down to around £2,500? I prefer the look of the 2014 model but are there any other differences between that and the 2015 model apart from aesthetics?

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  • South West London/surrey

  • Dobles in Coulsdon said £2500 cash deal for a new 2014 model RRP was £2799, they where trying to shift old stock, i got a very low mileage (427) 2013 model in the end for £1700

  • Dobles also do (certainly did) the "MSX Your Way" where they'd get it sprayed in a colour of your choice for no extra charge.

    That's where my wife (Carrie) got hers. Their service was excellent, very smooth and faultless and we bought from up here in West Yorks.

  • Honda blade abingdon (oxford) had them new £2200

  • Thanks all. Can't pay cash, only credit card though.

  • Credit card is cash, in as much as it isn't finance.

  • :D

  • I noticed dobles have one for sale via autotrader for £2,799. The picture has black wheel rims so that's 2 models ago!

  • Give them a bell.

  • Might pop in to motoden near Shoreditch tomorrow lunchtime. Will have a chat with them