I know not all of this is 350x. If this is not okay please delete

I know not all of this is 350x. If this is not okay, please delete!

Here is a parts list of things I have. I have a lot more than what is listed> IF you need anything just text or comment. I will ship, paypal or walmart to walmart money transfer. I have pictures of each number. If you send a pm please say so. Thanks in advance!

1. 83-85 200x tank. Needs new paint, some rust holes in bottom, needs a gas tank kit. No major dents. Comes with petcock.

2. Sold

3. Sold

4. Sold

5. 85-86 250r rear skid plate. For the swing arm. Is in good shape.

6. 85-86 250r front skid plate. A tad dirty, needs a good cleaning. All rubber is there, good shape with no holes or dents. Lightly used.

7. Black 350x maier front fender. Slightly used, a tad dirty. No cracks or major scratches, but again, it is used, not new.

8. Sold

9. Sold

10. Sold

11. SOLD

12. 83-84 250r headlight with metal guard. Head light was in good working condition when taken off the bike. Glass is in good shape, metal is not dented. Metal could use some paint. Buy 40 ship 15

13. 81-82 250r headlight with mount. Glass is in good shape, not dented or broke anywhere. Buy 50 ship 15

14. 83-85 200x headlight metal guard hondaline product. No major rust or dents. In good shape. Buy 40 ship 10

15. SOLD

16. 85-86 Tri Z full DG exhaust. All seems to be in good shape, no issues. Sounds great! Buy 120 ship 30

17. 83-84 250r oem head pipe expansion chamber. No major issues or problems. Auction 10 shipping 20

18. 83-85 200x oem headlight. Glass is good as well as plastic. Pigtails are there and in good shape. Buy 50 ship 15

19. 83-85 200x oem swing arm with carrier bearing. Swing arm is in good shape with no cracks. Has been painted black. Needs a good cleaning. Buy 50 ship 25

20. 83-85 200x oem sprocket with carrier. Teeth in good shape buy 10 ship 5

21. 83-85 200x oem kick start lever. In good shape, splines are perfect. Tight kicker buy 60 ship 10

22. SOLD

23. SOLD

24. SOLD

25. **83-85 200x brake disk. In good shape ( I have 4) buy 10 ship free

26. SOLD

27. **83-85 200x Sprocket with good teeth and good axle holder. Use picture 20

28. 83-85 200x Headlight bracket. In good shape. Buy 15 ship free

29. 83-85 200x seat latch, rear bracket. Good condition. Has spring and lever attached. Buy 15 ship free

30. 83-85 200x CDI pulse generator cover. Decent shape, needs a good cleaning. Auction .99 ship 5

31. 83-85 full cobra exhaust. Old school exhaust, sounds great and mean. Freshly painted. Buy 140 ship 20

32. 83-84 250r headlight with guard. In good shape, glass is in good shape, Use photo above. Don’t list yet

33. SOLD

34. 83-84 250r engine skid plate. Good shape, no cracks. Buy 40 ship 10

35. SOLD

36. 81-82 250r OEM heat shield. Good shape, no dents. Needs cleaned. Buy 20 ship 10

37. 81-84 250r oem cyclinder jug. Stock bore, looks good. Comes with reeds, but I don’t know what kind. Buy 60 ship 20

38. 81-84 250r head. Needs resurfaced. See pictures buy 10 ship 10

39. 83-85 200x exhaust pipe header with heat shield. Good shape. No problems. Buy 60 ship 15

40. 86-87 200x kick start lever. Good shape. Tight swivel. Spines are in good shape. Buy 30 ship 10

41. 86-87 200x right side outer engine casing. Good shape. No cracks. Needs paint. Buy 20 ship 10

42. *83-84 250r oem complete front brake assembly. Working master cylinder and front brake caliper. Good working condition. Ready to be mounted. Buy 120 ship free

43. *83-84 250r oem engine sprocket guard. Good condition. No flaws. Buy 55 ship 5

44. SOLD

45. *83-84 250r oem cdi. Good working condition. Buy 40 ship 5

46. *83-84 250r dg silencer. Rough shape, but still works good. Auction 10,ship 10

47. * 85-86 250r front brake master cylinder guard. Good condition. No bends or breaks. Buy 30 ship 5

48. *85-86 250r oem rear taillight with bracket and rubbers. Good condition. Buy 30 ship 5

49. *85-86 250r oem rear brake master cylinder with linkage. Master cylinder seems to be in good shape. Pump needs rebuilt. Buy 25 ship 5

50. *85-86 250r oem rear brake pedal. In good shape. Splines are good. Buy 15 ship 10

51. *85-86 250r oem regulator. All wires are in good shape. Works great. Buy 10 ship 5

52. * 85-86 250r oem complete wiring harness. Cdi works great. Rectifier works great. Kill switch with lights, works great. All wires seem to be in good shape. It came off of a running bike. Buy 100 ship free

53. *85-86 250r oem carb with oem throttle and slide. In good shape. Came off of a running bike. It could use a little cleaning. (52 in photo) buy 60 ship 5

54. *85-86 250r oem kick start lever. Splines shows some wear, but it is still in good working condition. Buy 50 ship 5

55. SOLD

56. *85-86 250r oem foot shifter. Splines are in good shape. Buy 15 ship 5

57. *85-86 250r oem chain guard/case saver. In good shape. No flaws buy 10 ship 5

58. SOLD

59. *85-86 250r oem radiators with metal brackets. Good working condition. No holes or leaks. Guards and radiators both are in good shape. Buy 50 ship 10

60. *85-86 250r oem foot pegs. Good working condtion. Springs still in good shape. Buy 20 ship 10

61. *85-86 250r oem left and right tank shrouds. A few small cracks. See pictures. Auction 50 ship 15

62. *85-86 250r oem air box lid with metal insert. Good condition. Buy 20 ship 10

63. *85-86 250r oem left an right plastic radiator guards. In very good condition. No rips or tears in the mesh. Buy 20 ship 10

64. *85 tri-z oem left and right radiator shrouds. Great shape. No spider webbing. No cracks. Auction 30 ship 10

65. * 81-82 250r oem gas tank with petcock and fuel cap. Good shape. No rust. Few minor dents. Holds few and does not leak. Has rubber for mounting. Auction 40 ship 20

66. SOLD

67. *85-86 tri-z oem radiator, both left and right, with plastic fins. All plastic is in good shape with no cracks. Radiators work great. No holes or leaks. Auction 25 ship 10

68. *85-86 tri-z oem left and right radiator bracket. Good shape with no problems. Auction 10 ship 10

69. *85-86 tri-z oem complete front brake system. Not working. Needs rebuilt. Auction 10 ship 10

70. *85-86 tri-z oem rear shock with gas tube. Works great. No problems. Auction 50 ship 15

71. *85-86 tri-z oem triple trees. Needs paint. Everything is straight. Break hose clamp included on lower triple tree. Auction 15 ship 10

72. ??85-86 tri-z oem overflow container with coolant over flow container. Both in good shape. No leaks. Coolant includes cap. Buy 25 ship 10

73. *85-86 tri-z oem swing arm bolt. Threads are in good shape. Bolt is straight. Auction 50 ship free

74. *85-86 tri-z oem chain swingarm guard. Good shape. Needs paint. Auction 35 ship 15

75. *85-86 tri-z oem grab bar. Good shape. Needs paint. Its not bent or dented. Auction 60 ship 20

76. *85-86 tri-z oem fuel petcock. Good shape. Works great. Auction 8 ship 5

77. SOLD

78. *85-86 tri-z oem kick start lever. In great shape. Splines are in great shape too. Auction 40 ship 10

79. 85-86 tri-z oem front axle. It is straight, and splines are in great shape. Works great. Auction 30 ship free

80. 85-86 tri-z oem carb. Good working shape. Comes with throttle cable and slide. Works great. Buy 80 ship 5

81. 85-86 tri-z oem rear caliper, master cylinder, actuator. In good working condition. Caliper works, ready to mount and go. (80 in picture) Buy 120 ship 20

82. 81-82 250r aluminum grab bar. Good shape. No bends or cracks. Buy 120 ship 20

83. Sold

84. 84 Kawasaki tecate oem head. Needs resurfaced. Buy 10, ship 10

85. 83-85 200s oem sprocket engine guard. Good shape. No cracks. Buy 30 ship 5

86. 85 185s oem cylinder jug. Stock bore. Needs honed. Buy 20 ship 10

87. 83-85 200s oem head. Cam guides look to be in good shape. Valves need cleaning. Decompression cable lever is in good shape. Buy 30 ship 12

88. Sold

89. 87-92 250x oem chain sprocket guard. Good shape. No problems. Buy 30 ship 5

90. 88-92 250x complete oem wiring harness with working cdi and rectifier. Buy 100 ship 5


*Also have tons of atc parts for sale. Anything from honda atc70 to atc250r and atc350x parts. Feel free to call or text me for any part needed or more pictures. My number is 1.870.612.4792.

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