I know this is a topic that s come up a fair bit but I thought I d share what I...


I know this is a topic that's come up a fair bit but I thought I'd share what I've just been told. Whilst down my local riding school today their office lady noticed I had my 'L' plate attached to the back of my hi-vis jacket and informed me that by law this was illegal and that your 'L' plate needs to be attached to the vehicle. The penalty is 3 points and an £80 fine.

I know a lot of people will say they've been stopped by police and nothing has been mentioned but at the end of the day I think it's down to the policemans' discretion and they may not even be certain on this aspect of the law anyway.

Just some food for thought really as I know a lot of you have 'L' plates attached to bags, etc. I will be putting mine back on the bike, but mainly because I aim to do my test within the next couple of months.

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  • you will be worse off if you incur a fine and your insurance will go up, an L plate costs about £3 i think, so if you smoke buy 10 instead of 20 and sort it, why did original snap so much? just get a rigid one and attach to bottom of reg plate.

  • gave up smoking over a year ago, drove my car under a lorry coz i wanted a convertible ;) and coz of the vibrations, also where i keep the msx now, i have to lift it up a ramp and then lift bike up into an alley way so it snapped off on gate - ill get a video up later of me getting the bike out so you see what i mean

  • dont bother i can imagine, i had an L plate for one year in 1999 never came off as far as i remember and i was riding the bike like a proper twat, is it cos you dont want the plate ruining the look of the bike?

  • well done on giving up.

  • it got weaker and weaker coz hadnt reinforced it along the back of number plate was riding one day it saw it fly off in my mirrors ... been attached to bag ever since (bout month or so) also tried popping a wheely and it snapped, oops. and not to fussed wether it ruins the look or not, ive got a spare 1 at home but nothing to attach it to bike with or make a reinforced strip out of

  • cable ties and a lolly stick

  • no cable ties and no lolly sticks... literally have nothing in my gaff

  • ok.

  • when ive got a spare few quid (hopefully 27th when get paid from bouncer job) gonna get l plate sorted but until then gonna keep it on bag

  • You get done more for displaying one l plate than displaying none