I know this isn t a 450. but the guys over in the other group are no help

I know this isn't a 450.. but the guys over in the other group are no help. I know there is a lot of knowledge over here. Maybe you guys can help me with my other bike. Thanks!

  • was needle height changed in the rebuild?

  • Check ignition timing.

  • Again.

  • rotate your whole plate to the right and see how that helps.

  • Petcock clogged a little? Condenser going bad? What do the plugs look like?

  • I'll throw some pictures up tomorrow of the plugs. I was having issues with them fouling before I adjusted the valves and timing

  • Steve Reckert You try asking anyone over at http://forums.sohc4.net/ ? I used to own a 500 four and the people on that forum are a lot of help.

  • Carb floaters properly adjusted? Maybe not enough fuel. Does the same effect also come when you rev higher in the lower gears? Does it happen only after a wile or immediately? How is the color of the spark plugs after ride?

  • Only seems to do it at high speeds, it's almost unnoticeable, yet very noticeable, if that makes sense. Just little skips it feels like.. half a second of loss power.

  • Maybe slight misfiring. Did you replace the ignition condenser?

  • Steve Reckert sounds like what you have is its breaking up at high rpms?

  • It's weird because it's not a constant. It will happen every now and then.. it's very strange. I just rode it to work and kept it at or under 60mph. No issues whatever. But once I get to about 70 + it will slightly cut out about 4 times within a 8 mile ride.

  • I know that some have installed the cycle tech ignintion and that has gone away, I feel that it is ignition related

  • I've been thinking about getting an electronic ignition. This issue might make me get that for sure now.

  • I could be wrong, but as long as everything else is right, it sounds to me like it is starving for fuel

  • Are your coils solid to the frame? I changed horns on my 450, but used the longer bolts. The mechanic that sorted out that high speed miss had a LOT of new names for me when I picked it up.

  • Joe Larson what are you saying im confused was it grounding out, why at just high rpms

  • The bolts I reused, were too long, as the new horn design had changed. I tightened them, but they weren't threaded full length. The bike started and ran fine until the revs were high, then the coil bracket would vibrate, causing a miss.

  • really hmmmm ill check mine, my 500t vibrates...errr I mean "massages" alot more than my 450

  • When it's more frequent, is the outdoor temp high? Increased temp=increased electric resistance.

  • Not that I've noticed, just once I hit high speeds above 70+ it will start to do it. Kept it around 60 yesterday and it didn't do it once.

  • Are your gloves or a rag under the seat covering the air intake?