I know this mounts to the inside not out as shown in my photo It s the tyga...

I know this mounts to the inside, not out as shown in my photo. It's the tyga full system. Do I just fire the bolt through from this side even tho a nut is welded onto the frame? Just loosely stuck it on like this till I'm back from work to fit properly.

  • WOW that's tight. Will double check for you later.

  • It rubs so I can't ride it like that

  • No, don't ride it like that.

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne any ideas?

  • Mount on the side it tells u, pretty sure it comes with a nut and bolt?

  • Stick it on the inside and bolt in as normal and tighten up using another lock nut

  • No sorry bro, can't remember. It's been a long time since I've had a tyga pipe so can't even check mine. Maybe Gavin Greenall can help

  • Instructions are provided with the pipe ? I will pull a set out as I have never fitted one

  • Yeah got it sorted was just confused as it doesn't detail the welded bolt. Wasn't sure if that was normal or not. Got it sorted now

  • Mine fitted. It's too the inside.