I know which one I am going to be sitting on in 2 minutes. How about you

I know which one I am going to be sitting on in 2 minutes .How about you?

  • Snap, i have a similar choice as you do.

  • Answer, Forza for work, Burgman for longer journeys where i need speed.

  • Your like reminds me of when we saw you going to Brighton Sharon Ross.

  • I know, right. The Forza works for my usual quickie journeys. I'm still less than 900 miles on the odo.

  • Sharon Ross I have just done 600 miles, it is going for a first service 5 Jan, then i am going down the M23 to see what the top speed is.

  • Go for it! I never do faster than 55. Bimbler here.

  • 4900 on the odo and my rest tyre was just on the limit when I got them changed to winter grips

  • paul, your forza is ran in at 300 miles, if your going to test top speed and give it a thrashing, do it before your service so any swarf will come out in the oil change when being serviced, otherwise it will run around your engine till the next service.

  • That burgy is a 125

  • Sharon Ross Mine has not been above 50 mph

  • A lot slower than the Forza.

  • Mine is still new but got 83 mph out off it . And still wanted to go faster

  • Lucky boy, mine hits its limited at around 82 doesn't matter how big a hill I throw it down

  • With more miles on the clock the slower it'll get as you drive belt gets narrower from wear and your variation plates wear in a groove which effectively makes your belt fall in it and in turn you hit "the limiter" even sooner. Once these replaced at around 15k you back to propped top speed. That is why it is not advisable to run your scooter at top speeds at all times. Ride it at 60-65 and you will still have that overtaking momentum in reserve for longer.