• I left the key on in my 2007 shadow 750 the second time in the past couple...

    I left the key on in my 2007 shadow 750, the second time in the past couple months. Jumped it and rode for about a half hour to charge the battery, but when I got home battery did not have enough power to turn it over and promptly lost almost all the juice trying to restart it. Did I not ride long enough or does anyone think I might have a battery or alternator problem now?

    • Put in on a charger.

    • ^^ second. Common Misconception is that riding will recharge it. That works in autos because the alternator puts out higher amperage. Not so much in a bike. And if you e got a $50 flooded battery, it's far harder on them when drained. Any time I've jumped my bike, or car, I leave it hooked up to the "jumper" for a minimum 10 minutes. That allows the battery to charge off the other vehicle. A "cold" battery or one that's drained in other words is harder on the alternator than a "hot" battery, i.e. Charged. Same thing with a car. I can't tell you how many " battery died, jumped it and now my battery light is on " customers I've had in 20 years.

    • If the battery is from 2007, spend the $100 and replace it.

    • Get a new battery. Don't go cheap. But a decent one.

    • I use the mini battery tender. Works very well.

    • Just happened to me a few days ago. I did take in to the shop and told me i had to replace 500 dlls worth of parts. Soo I decided to only charge the battery and soooo far so good. Fingers crossed!!! Good luck

    • Do all of the above but only after you check the water levels in each of your battery cells. I have reclaimed new life out of many older batteries by topping them off with "purified water" for next to nothing more than my time and a buck for the purified water

    • Jump it to get it started and rev your engine to about 3000 RPM for about 10 seconds