• I lost my key to my 350 and im bringing it to a buddys house to do some work on...

    I lost my key to my 350 and im bringing it to a buddys house to do some work on it. I will order another key for it but is there any way i can hot wire it or gut the ignition switch and use a flatblade? I can get the vin number or even the title if anybody thinks it might be stolen.

    • Red is power coming in, black carries the power out, cross them together for ignition power, should also be a black with white tracer which is the kill wire to CDI and green which is ground, green to black/white will ground out the spark to kill it but you don't have to worry about those just pull the red and black apart to cut it off. I think there is also a pink wire which is auxiliary power.

    • I plead the fifth, I have no recollection of the events in question

    • Reverse the wires behind the switch and it will crack

    • Toggle switch time

    • Any lock smith can make a key did the same thing and a lot cheaper

    • I can get a new ignition for 10 bucks. And how would they make a key?

    • And nothing is open sunday. Thats the entire reason im asking because i need it tomorrow

    • Don told you how to do it.

    • Red and pink wire just did mine today

    • I was thinking about a 300 but I remember the Rancher being a little different now.

    • hot wire it. go to the store get a push button for time being.

    • Yessir

    • I ended up cutting the retainer off the switch and pulling the cylinder out then using a screwdriver to turn it