I m 55 and I have been riding since I was 14 I call myself a biker because I...

I'm 55 and I have been riding since I was 14. I call myself a biker because I live by a set of rules. I give respect when it is deserved to others who ride that also live by the basic Bikers rules. We are a Brotherhood and Sisterhood that are guided by theses rules of respect . Owning a motorcycle does not make you a biker it is how you live your life. Respect is earned. Honor is shown in your attitude and actions. I don't leave a fellow biker on the side of the road, I give of myself as much as physically possible to what I feel are worthy causes, and I try hard to live the code. I'm proud to be called brother by my biker friends and I am proud to call many of them Brother or Sister. They have earned my respect and I try daily to keep there's. Because I am a Biker not just a rider or owner of a bike.

I wrote the above after watching some camcorder videos of a group of riders racing around chased by the police. crashing and just leaving a bike in the street, riding as if they were stunt riders and having no respect for others. They are not Bikers they are bike owners and riders. A different class than the Brotherhood I am proud to think of myself belonging to.

  • i get ragged on for riding a Honda. all my buddies ride Harleys. but I can tell you I don't give a shit what others ride as long as we riding. and I stop if I see a bike a long side the road. no matter what kind it is, most times I get a we taking a break , sometimes it's my tools that help them. (even though I don't need them I carry tools). but in the end I always get a thanks for stopping and checking on us. and I always leave with a No Problem, and a warm heart knowing I at least checked on a fellow brother or sister.

  • I pulled over in my truck even. I have loaded more then 1 bike and hauled it and the owner home.

  • I give respect to everyone until they show me they don't deserve it. I say disrespect is earned.

  • Well said!!

  • Agreed