• I m after a honda grom wheelie bar And eventually a complete cage Any...

    I'm after a honda grom wheelie bar. And eventually a complete cage. Any recommendations. Original model :)

    • Psd or kevtek

    • Ive got a dks

    • I got DKS 12 bar I might be selling

    • How come dont u get on with it?

    • Get on with it fine.... But since I got my full bike licence I've calmed down lol no point getting points trying to wheel the Grom when I could get points for going 200mph in a 20 zone and power wheelie every gear

    • Haha now its all power no talent lol

      Wat u gt now then

    • Got my eye on a K3/4 gixxer 1000. Just need to find a garage to rent and then il buy the bike

    • Charlie let me know how much mate. Feel free to inbox me