i m getting conflicting advice on choke so I think it s time to ask my rebel...


i'm getting conflicting advice on choke, so I think it's time to ask my rebel friends to weigh in. One long-riding mechanic pal told me to NEVER use the choke unless I have to (even in winter) --to start without it, then if it doesn't turn over, introduce a choke in small increments. Another long-riding mechanic pal told me to ALWAYS use a little choke when I start it (even in summer), and then back off smoothly. What do you do with your rebel? Especially interested in hearing from you vintage rebel riders--mine is a '86 CMX 450

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  • Don't use it if it doesn't need it, in my opinion.

  • my concern is carbon fouling -- i had brand new spark plugs in june and two months later they were all fouled up. i have used the choke maybe 10 times this summer, never for very long. any other reason my gas mixture could be wrong?

  • I thought rebels enrichers not chokes.

  • Interesting

  • I don't use it unless it's been sitting a while.

  • The fouling should not have had anything to do with the use of the choke

    Even if the choke does make it richer for a while, the normal running should restore the spark plug condition

    I suspect the bike needs to be tuned correctly; probably to run leaner

  • Chris Davis is right. But, honda still labels the cable driven "enrichment" as choke. I'm letting my bike run rich for the carbon to color the inside of my exhaust tips black then I'll lean it back out haha

  • Better rich than lean since plugs are cheaper than cylinders rings pistols and valves haha

  • That's most certainly true

  • only if needed, which has not happened since carb rebuild in spring