• I m guessing it s not good sign that my head gasket is completely covered in...

    I'm guessing it's not good sign that my head gasket is completely covered in oil

    • There is oil everywhere

    • And that piston.

      No wonder it's fucked.

    • Fubar. Oil except where you need it

    • Warrick Penfold. Postie Bikes Australia. 55mm piston/barrel. Mine has some go in it now. I'm happy so far with it. Have a chat with him.

    • That's the path I'm thinkin Bradley.

      What carb you running ?

    • 149- the lot-

    • 26 mm. Goes good but will looking at trying bigger jets. I'm a very lean 120 kegs and it now pulls me up hills like nothing. Happy with it so far.

    • Are they reco'd Honda barrels ??

    • Will run on the stock carby with a little larger main jet. I've got an #85 main and dropped the needle clip down 1 slot from the centre and it runs well.

      I do have a 26mm to go on, just need to fit and tune it

    • chinese new ones i think. i got one of these kits. worked fine my bike is running great now

    • oh but the gaskets i got in my kit were slightly wrong. had to get new gaskets from honda

    • I've used 2 of these kits, eveerything was perfect and the bikes are runnning sweet as, 1 has over 4000k's and the other is under 1000k's... cant recommend them enough....

    • Greg Roy the barrels are brand new, not reco...

    • Time for reconditioned bottom end and a Postie Bikes Australia piston kit..new fresh powerhouse and don't forget to put a new timing gear...

    • Could that have been caused by head bolts not keeping/being at the correct torque settings??

    • Not sure Graeme,

      A lot of little dodgy mechanicals goin on with this thing.

      Think I might do new barrel and piston for now, to get it back on the road.

      My brother has motor I can have, so I'll do that up me thinks.

    • I've got 2 spares that I need to get around to building, though they will be destined for the race postie