I m having a bit of a bike issue I just bought a 2001 Shadow Spirit 750 about...


I'm having a bit of a bike issue. I just bought a 2001 Shadow Spirit 750 about a month ago. The bike has been running just fine until the other day. I went to go somewhere and my bike died in the middle of the street. I pulled off to the side of the road and a guy helpd jump my bike with cables because it would not start. We got the bike running again but as soon as I put my seat back on, the bike died and would not start again. I pushed it home, and replace the battery that same night. I put in a size 14 S battery instead of the 12 that was in there. I want to go somewhere again today, and I'm still having similar issues. The bike was running fine for a little bit, and then all of a sudden it started sputtering and popping and having a hard time going anywhere even in low gears. I was able to start the bike up no problem, so it doesn't seem like the brand new battery is the issue, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Maybe bad gas from the year before that wasn't drained? Thanks in advance.

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  • Had that happen to a Sabre 1100 new battery fixed mine

  • New plugs and seafoam

  • Try the starter relay on the driver side of the bike under the cover mine was doing the same thing for a bit because two of the do four wire connectors were making contact occasionally. I replace all factory connectors with regular waterproof connectors that are cover in plastic from top to bottom no problems since. The factory connector design sucks. Just had to do this two days ago.

  • Voltage regulator would be would be something to look at. Possible...

  • I know a carb problem when i see it and sounds like you have a voltage problem. Are you saying the bike runs good after fresh battery then after minutes acts up again? But runs good after a charge? Or u saying bike runs good at idle but give more than 1/4 trottle and acts up no matter battery charge?

  • The bike died and would not start. A guy came and gave me a jump, and before I could finish putting the seat on, it died again. I replaced the battery and it fires right up. After letting it run for 5 minutes on full choke (to warm up) it started idling low again by itself. When I took the choke off and rode around the block, it was very hesitant and started popping and having almost zero power even in 1st gear. It eventually died in my driveway. The bike still starts up, but doesnt stay running long before it dies again.

  • No juice to run ignition

  • So are you saying the battery being replaced after the bike wouldn't start is not related to this, it was a separate issue?

  • Im saying the charging system is not working properly and as soon as battery gets low your symptoms show up. The more you run it worse it will get, put charger on it and bam will work for minutes till battery gets low or u demand lots o power.

  • Probably could have charged it vs buying new

  • Sounds like a bad ground. If you have a meter or a test light, check your ground. If that shows to be the problem, check the continuity on the ground wire as well as making sure connections are tight. If your ground is solid, check your battery voltage.

  • FYI, I had that problem after I installed my maintenance charger leads and it popped as you describe. It was easy for me to find, because any time I have an issue after working on something I start with what I did, so I went right to the problem. I'd never seen this happen before that.

  • This happened to my 1100. Wound up replacing stator and voltage regulator. You can check to see if you are getting output from the stator. There are 3 yellow wires that run to a connector, then to the regulator. This connector is under your seat. If it is melted, the damage is most likely done. You should see 60 volts AC between any 2 of the yellow wires. If you don't, it's either weak or fried. I would replace both if this is the case.

  • I see stators in Ebay around 40ish, then some are 100 or more. I'm sure the 100 dollar ones are better quality... but are the 40 dollar ones junk? Anyone with actual experience with these... feel free to chime in!

  • Don't go off spending money on stator's etc. until you diagnose is to that!!! I.e. What is your voltage at the battery when the motorcycle is running? What is it after a very short ride around the block, etc. You'll just waste your money if you give symptoms and listen to responses without actually diagnosing and testing further.

  • Sorry, forgot to mention. A local motorcycle mechanic picked up my bike today to work on it. Whatever the issue is, I will need to order the parts, he does not order parts. If it turns out to be the stator, I would obviously like to spend less money but not if the part is going to be junk.

  • Yeah... these forums are great for advice on where to start, but don't go ordering things if someone says "I had similar, and I had to buy new X"... run some tests... else, you'll end up with ship of Theseus motorcycle really soon. (replace every single part of the bike).

    For instance, testing voltage of the battery with the motorcycle off, then with it running, will really easily eliminate or confirm battery or stator. If it's not cranking, it's either battery or starter, voltage meter will tell you really quickly which one. If neither, dig in further to voltage reg, etc.

  • Carb floats could be sticking check for gas in the oil

  • Just an update, the mechanic said the stator and the voltage regulator rectifier are bad and need to be replaced.

  • Yikes

  • Cost $220 in parts for the stator, gasket, and rectifier, plus another 140 in labor. Sucks, but at least I'll be riding again when its all done. Fingers crossed I don't encounter anymore problems for a long long time.

  • Thanks for following up. When it's all finished and running right, can you reply so we all know?

  • I knew it.

  • Will do!

  • Won't be until next week when the parts arrive, but I will for sure.

  • Any bike I own the first thing I do is buy or find a shop manual on line. They usually have a trouble shooting guide and instructions on how to test different parts. Also test meters are cheap.

  • Vt750dc.com has all service manuals and troubleshooting guides