I m having a thought I think I d like to see a Rebel ride around American...

I'm having a thought. I think I'd like to see a "Rebel ride around American Capitols" happen. Here is my vision:

The ride starts in, say, Indianapolis, Indiana. The rider(s) begin there and link up with one or more riders on a route to Lansing, Michigan. They would continue on to Columbus, Ohio, then Harrisburg, PA - and on. Each rider might only stay with the ride for a few miles, but there would be a non-stop ride of Rebels that would go through each state capitol in the lower 48.

Obviously this would happen next year. I'm thinking July. Is anyone interested? If so, let me know. If this can get some good support, I'll see if Honda might sponsor the run somehow.

  • I'll pass my job wouldn't let me have that much time.

  • Wouldn't need to be all that far or take that much time. Anyone could ride to the next town. Maybe an hour or so. Just enough to link up with the next rider, or even just to show support.

  • Sounds great, pass a go pro along from rider to rider to document each bike/rider and each state

  • I would definitely think that Honda would sponser that, good idea!

  • In Hamilton, Ohio north of Cinti. Would love to if I'm in country. Planning another trip to Mexico sometime next spring. Sounds like a great idea.

  • I'm in Lima Ohio and I'm game

  • Bring it to Tampa, I'll do my part of the ride.

  • I'm in Vandalia, at I-70 & I-75!

  • I'm In for it. I'm in Lafayette, LA state Capitol is in Baton Rouge, LA about 55 miles away.

  • houston here! i can do it

  • I'm working on getting hold of the correct people. I am moving with this, but it'll take a lot of time to organize. More info as it happens.