I m having some starter solenoid troubles wasn t there a CBR direct plugin play

I'm having some starter solenoid troubles wasn't there a CBR direct plugin play?

  • I use ones from a Yamaha at moment cant think if it's Xjr or Xj 600 but yes there are several you can use that plug in to the 4 pin block and means you also move away from the old spanner type fuses to blade

  • Just had chance to look up which relay I use Terry , the Yamaha reference is 4bh-81940-00 , but any of the Yamaha ones that have the large spade terminals will do it all you need to be aware of is the M and B markings b for battery and m for starter motor if it's not B left and M right you will need to swap the 2 leads over in 4 pin block for the live supply and leave trigger wires as they are

  • This is one I use Terry

  • I was hoping just to pick one up on eBay. I'll run that number and see if it shows up.

  • I was thinking the cbr600f2 was the same plug-and-play deal

  • Pretty sure it is....

  • Not sure on cbr600 long time since I looked at one , but if you still struggle look on eBay for bikes like yam r6 and Thundercat most of the late 90s early 2000s use these ones I use . The thing to look on any is which side battery connects as that's the one that has a take off to fuse , note silver on photo I posted

  • Have u tryed hooking starter up direct to see if it was the starter

  • No but not a rookie

  • Just asking not trying to be a smart ass man

  • Cool man.

  • Cbr600f2 worked great

  • Cool pretty well much same as yam type , much better than old ones with spanner fuse