I m looking for a nice white plastic gas tank for my 85 350x Please let me...

I'm looking for a nice white plastic gas tank for my 85 350x. Please let me know if you have one and a price. Thanks.

  • it doesnt make since to do cash on delivery when you sell somthing you want cash everyone on here is pretty much honest on selling and trading things weve all done it several times if you are unsure of someone make a post and ask about the person im sure they wouldnt mind,,

  • That does not prove that they are honest.....and even paypal will make u settle your own disputes sometimes too . Its not totally guaranteed. Cash on delivery DOES make since. Yes when u sell something u do want cash.....same thing with buying...when u buy something u want the product your paying for......ups WONT give you the product until you pay the cash when its delivered. Seems like a win win for both people

  • Sense*

  • The only problem with buying online is that you have to worry about both - the seller and buyer being honest, not just one or the other. I belong to several atv forums and have bought and sold on most of them with no problems. I guess if reputation is validated in some form, that should help with the buying and selling of items.

  • at least ebay you can see their feedback and score

  • And some forums have feedback ratings for buyers and sellers. Not every person out there is a scammer, so you shouldn't judge everyone in the same category because of a few scamming shitheads.

  • Only takes one time to get burned

  • And if thats the case then someone mail me a tank and ill send them a check lol

  • Well duh....it only takes one time to get burnt....Capt Obvious! I guess there's no sense in trying to buy anything online here, because you have a bias opinion on everything. Obviously since you think you know it all, and if it doesn't meet your criteria for trading, buying, or selling online, you have to voice your disdain for anyone looking for online parts that can't meet up in person.

  • No im not saying that.....but if we are all trust worthy.....send me the tank first is all im saying