I m looking to change the back tire I m curious what s a good tire that ll...

I'm looking to change the back tire. I'm curious what's a good tire that'll last ?

  • I've got several thousand miles on a VW tire in all weather and have had no issues. I'd do it again in a minute!

  • Bridgestone Extrada hard compound center for those that use the bike daily ans soft sticky edges for the corners.

    Last longer

  • Shinko 777 white walls look good but I never have them for more then a year on the account I like to light them up.

  • Metzler

  • What size car tire fits aero

  • That's a good question

  • Anyone know ? What is the biggest rear tire that will fit on a aero with out rubbing the fender

  • Thats a great question, i'm also looking for tires

  • Metzler 888 is pretty wide

  • Bike Bandit was having a $50.00 rebate on Dunlops. Worth a look.