I m new to this carb bike It s a 94 cbr 600f2 and I have been riding it but I...

I'm new to this carb bike. It's a 94 cbr 600f2 and I have been riding it but I flooded it and now it's backfiring and I don't honestly know much about bikes. So does anyone have any idea how to unflood it? Thanks in advance. And would I need to take off gas tank to do most of the work?

  • If you doing the plugs might as well change the filter

  • Mine started right after sparks change. Was backfiring my pants off Almost

  • Yeah that's what mine does and scares the shit out of me.

  • Dont try and start it anymore then. Let it rest

  • I will. This is the second time this has done this to me and I don't really touch the throttle.

  • I dont know why that is, though. Perhaps Worn carbs? It is an old bike

  • Yeah it is. I think it might be the operator lol. Just because guy I bought it from said the carbs were just rebuilt and prolly won't need it for about year or 2

  • My float needles in carbs needed replacing when I had same problem, kept flooding in no.3 cylinder

    Petrol tank off to remove carbs

  • How many times did it take u to wonder if it was ur floats? This is my 2nd time happening but before then it ran perfect and after the first time it ran perfect. My battery has been dead and I think it could be from me because I sometimes try to give it gas when the battery seems low while I try to start it

  • Not long there was no chance it was starting, it was pouring it in, they're very tiny rubber needles, so even the smallest bit of dirt could do the Same, def worth a clean..

    I had rust in fuel tank in the end with no end of flooding/breakdowns

  • Ok thanks man. I'll start with spark plugs and if that don't work I'll start looking into the carbs

  • Yer be one or the other

  • Damn that's what I was thinking too.

  • Back firing is normally down to running to lean or not right in some way.

    First thing i would do is put a good quality fuel system clean in your petrol and go for a nice long ride.

    I bet when you get back it will run loads better

  • But to do that it has to start lol. Should I change the spark plugs then if it starts put some fuel system clean in?

  • are sorry, Did not read your post correctly. Really need to remove carbs and take of bowl and give it a good clean out

  • Ok. I never used any mechanic in a bottle but I heard seafoam is a good carb cleaner is it true?

  • Never used it mate. Not heard anything bad about it, though.

    I use normal carb cleaner in same sort of tin as Chain lube with nozzle. As ideal to flush out jets

  • Ok thank you. This helps for sure.

  • I am not expert. But been into bikes many years now. First bike 30 years ago

  • Dang yeah this is my 1st bike and never worked on one so I'm new.

  • Ok, would recommend before taking apart. Take a picture of how it is. So you got something to check against when putting back together.